Technical Specifications





Standard material


SS304  * other materials available upon request

Dimension of cabinet


168(D) mm x 1010(H)mm

Top cover


SS304 15mm acrylic panel

Barrier wing


12mm Acrylic



DC motor with adjustable open/close timing of 0.5 to 0.8 second



Programmable microprocessor, compatible integration with all third partly access controllers. Egress mode, fire mode, free access in emergency mode or power failure. Fail secure by battery backup (optional)

Detection beams


Each lane comes with infrared (IR) beam sensor to ensure safe usage

Safety features


Motor mechanism will disengage when an object tries to block the panel while closing or opening thus providing an additional safety feature for the pedestrians

Power supply


Input 230Vac / 50Hz , output 24Vdc /100W, typical: 0.5A Inrush: 1.5A

Flow of passage


30 to 40 passages/minute




Passage width


550 ~ 1200mm, wide depening on model. (customisable upon request)*

Gross weight per cabinet


Approximate 70kg