AI Facial Recognition Temperature Screening Attendance for Smart Access

Most reliable and secure intelligent system to help enterprise to effectively monitor on the situation and save manpower.

Key Features/description: 

  • Contactless and Real-time Temperature Screening for employees, visitors, customers, or students
  • Registering TraceTogether App / Token
  • Built-in Code reader for Bar code, QR code and TraceTogether Token
  • 0.2s Facial Recognition for authorized visitor to enter the door or attendance taking within 0.5-1.5m
  • Build in Light Indicator and Speaker for warning any abnormal body temperature
  • Mask Detection is to ensure people‘s safety so they don’t need to bring down the mask during facialrecognition when using the device
  • Data Storage in both Local or cloud is to prevent file loss and easy access anywhere
  • Remote access via mobile / windows app for management account
  • Group detection for visitors People counting for crowd management 
  • Verify whether fully vaccinated
  • Vehicles Management System to manage carpark control for access to the organization’s premise
  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting is to ensure only the permitted people or vehicles  can enter the area
    Mounts: wall, floor stand, turnstile

Examples on integrating with door access lock / turnstile

Changi Airport T4

Starfitness orchard road


24XFITNESS Paya Lebar


Group Check-In and People counting